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HECO victa 200 repair

Audiophiles, please navigate away from this page. It might make you cringe, hit random bystanders, etc. That having said, some time ago I came into the possession of two simple bookshelf speaker cabinets by HECO, the Victa 200. Unfortunately one mysterious destructive force in my house took the life of one of the tweeters. (this…

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MakerBot Thing-O-Matic

Ok, one could argue that it is cheeting, but before the PrinterPrinter is ready, I thought of taking a shortcut by building a makerbot first. The Thing-O-Matic works right out of the box (and about 200 m3x16 socket screws later):

Recycled plastic bag wallet

Use an old iron, set at maximum temperature. Use bake sheets, fold a lot of old plastic bags in between, press hard with the iron.. The idea was also presented at fab6. Now the plastic sheet has been used on a normal sewing machine to make a small wallet. Next up: the big obligatory messenger…

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Having recently bought a Babboe cargo bike, my workshop was littered with big cardboard boxes. What to do.. what to do.. A quick look around on the net yielded this designer of cardboard bookshelves. One hour later the babookshelf (babboekenkast) was a fact… The shelves have been made out of double cardboard, stuffed with rolled…

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Spool-knitted cable sleeve

In the category ‘Utterly useless customizations’ the spool-knitted cable sleeve for mac adapter. Why? – the only answer that makes some sense is probably ‘why not’. Besides that, wiring used to have cotton or nylon sleeves with a similar woven pattern, you just don’t get that type of cable anymore these days.. so you could…

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Black Cat

Another nice weekend project: a stuffed cat. Using a pattern from this link I made a nice black cat. It has the same silly look in its eyes that young kittens sometimes have It is a very nice A4-design. Just print out, cut fabric, stitch everything together and stuff it…


Another nice DIY weekend project. A baby-cradle that can be fixed to the side of a bed, so both mattresses are flush.

UV light for photo-resist PCB

Combine an old flatbed-scanner (you can use the parts you take out for something else) and combine it with a face tanner (philips UV thing).

Nylon Extruder from soldering station

Of course, the machine described in the previous post was never meant to have a sole purpose of pizza printing (which it admittedly does badly) but to become a repstrap machine so I can build a sweet Mendel. Next step after a cartesian robot is the plastic extruder. Although other people have tried to use…

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Pizza Plotter

Bringing personal fabrication to your kitchen: the pizza Plotter. During one of the last lectures I gave for Creative Technology about reprap‘s and personal fabrication one of the pizza hungry students (Symplexity) pointed out the necessary connection between pizza and production. Thus the idea for a Pizza Printer was born. The previous posts on the…

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