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32×32 bit Pong

Connecting everything with everything… Here a computer playing Pong with itself. The motorfaders from the Behringer BCF2000 can either used as user-input or taken over by the PC.

pong arduinocloseup

Check the processing example here


  1. Siert Wijnia says:

    Hi Edwin,

    Have you ever seen the mechanical pong?
    Take a look at this:


  2. Comiati Ciprian says:

    how can i connect the matrix leds,
    u have one schematics for this
    32X32 matrix led
    thanks in advance!

  3. AO says:

    Found your blog via a friend who saw your Pong on Hack n Mod . . . nice variety of stuff here!

    I love all things LED, Arduino, Processing, etc., as well.

    Cheers from Canada,

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